Tuition Consultation 2019/20

Tuition Consultation 2019/20

This consultation is now closed.

For this consultation, there were 7,770 page visits to the consultation materials, which led to UBC receiving 1,357 individual responses, representing 2.1% of the student population. These verbatim responses/feedback were shared with the UBC Board of Governors in advance of the vote on the tuition increase.  

The final 2019/2020 consultation report to the UBC Board of Governors is located here: Tuition Consultation Report for the 2019/2020 Proposed Tuition Increases

This FAQ seeks to address the most frequently asked questions during this tuition consultation: Tuition Consultation FAQ 2019/20

UBC is committed to continuing to work to improve the tuition consultation process, and to engage and collaborate with elected student leadership in determining future investments that will help the University meet our strategic objective of delivering an exceptional student experience.